Source of contents

All contents are stored under /contents. To change the root path, modify the following part in gatsby-config.js, simply by replace the path of it.

  resolve: `gatsby-source-filesystem`,
  options: {
    name: `contents`,
    path: `${__dirname}/contents`

Information of the page

We store the information of the page on the top of the markdown files used to generate sidebar, which currently includes the following infomation:

  • title: the title of the page
  • date: the date created
  • root: root of the pages should show in the sidebar (based on the path under /contents)
  • parents: parents of the page in the sidebar (the format show be array,top-down ordered).


The current page have the following infomation on the top of the file:

title: Contents
root: "/docs"
parents: ["Guide"]

The path of this file is /contents/docs/guide/ Since the root is /docs, all pages under this path will be showing in the sidebar. Some information is not used (i.e. date), so this file don't have it.

Important to notice!

The path of the pages will automatically generated based on the root folder. However, Gatsby will also automatically gererate pages under /src/components/pages, so you cannot have the markdown file with the same name under the root folder.